Pet Doors for Older Dogs

As dogs and cats get older, like humans they aren’t as sprightly as they used to be, and they can unfortunately suffer from different ailments which may require a change of pet door.   Some dogs have had arthritis so we’ve put in a new pet door at a very low level to make it easy for the dog to get through.  Some have never had a pet door, but as they’ve got older they need to go out more – often in the middle of the night.

Here are some factors that may help when having a pet door installed for an older animal (or one that is getting older):

Preferably the flap should not be too heavy, as the animal may not have as much strength when they get older to go through the door.

A transparent flap is ideal – this allows the pet  to see outside and where they are going to.

Location – ideally there should not be more than about 12cm that the animal has to step up to; if there are big steps near the back door then a solution  may be putting some small blocks or steps in to provide easier access.

And as previously mentioned – ensuring the pet door is not installed too high off the ground.  To protect the structure of the door, generally the minimum a door can be installed at is around 7 or 8 cm from the bottom of the door.

These are just a few suggestions to consider and if you have any questions please feel free to call or email us about the best option for your senior pet!

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