All of our pet doors listed give an indication of what breeds are suitable for that size pet door.  However, if you wish to measure your dog for a dog door here is a guide:


  • Measure your dog to shoulder height.  The length of the door must be at least two thirds or more of the dog’s height to his shoulders.
  • Measure the width of your dog.  When picking a door size you may want to allow a few centimetres growing room.
  • If your dog is not fully grown, find out the maximum height for it’s breed and gender – the length of the dog door should be at least two thirds of the dog’s height when they are fully grown.  This will allow the dog to use the door as they grow larger.

If in doubt, we can advise you on the best size door for the breed of your dog.  When making a booking we can also bring out a couple of different sizes of pet doors to ascertain the right size for your pet.



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