Which size pet door do I need for my dog?

Each pet door type gives details of the appropriate dog breeds for that door.  If your dog is below or above the average size, a different pet door size may be needed.  Please feel free to discuss this when making a booking.  When arriving at your home, our staff installing the pet door will also check your dog’s height and size to ensure the correct size pet door is installed.


Is it difficult to train a pet to use a pet door?
No. Using the pet door generally comes naturally to pets, and it is usually a quick and relatively easy process. Most cats and dogs learn how to use a pet door fairly quickly.  Try to coax your pet through with a treat. For more information on this, please see our page Teaching Your Dog to Use a Dog Door.


Can my cat use a dog door?
Yes, most cats will use up to a large pet door. You may need to go up in a size to keep the top of the door high enough for the dog (shoulder height) and the bottom low enough for the cat (approximately 12cm).






Do you have a pet door that will let my dog out and keep the cats in?

Some pet doors are magnetic and a magnetic collar can be attached to the animal that you want to go in or out.  For further information on this, please contact us.


Do you have a pet door that will keep stray animals out?

As per the above question, we would recommend a magnetic door with magnetic collars attached to your pet(s).  This will keep stray animals out.  Please contact us for further information.


 Can I lock my pet door?

Yes.  Our Pig In Mud range for timber doors comes with a lock-in / lock-out slide.

Our Petway range for security doors comes with push up tabs that serve as a lock-in or lock-out mechanism. 


Do I have colour choices?

For colour choices, please refer to the item description.


What about energy efficiency?

Opening and closing your “people” door many times a day to let your pet in and out wastes much more heating and cooling energy – as well as your personal energy – than a high quality pet door will.  Most  products that we install have magnetic flaps to ensure that they are energy efficient.






Is GST payable?

No, as Affordable Pet Doors Melbourne is a smaller business, no GST is charged.


Is there a warranty on the products and installation?

Yes.  There is a one year warranty on both the installation and a one year (conditional) warranty on the products. 




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