Time for a pet door into your security door?

Many people have a pet door in their timber back door, but leave the adjoining security door ajar so that their pets can get in and out.  Once summer comes this may become a problem, as they now want the timber door open, but having the security door ajar lets the flies in.

It is then a good time to look at also having a pet door put into the security door. The two main brands on the Australian market – Petway and Pig In Mud – and both are sturdy.  The frame for the Petway brand is made of UV resistant thermoplastic, while the frame for Pig In Mud is made from a tempered aluminium alloy (and therefore is a bit more expensive).

Unlike some other brands, both brands have transparent flaps, which allows your pets see where they are going out to.  This is particularly helpful for older animals whose sight may not be as good as when they were younger.  Both brands also have  flaps that provide a good seal from flies and insects getting in during the hot weather.  What an ideal solution!

Petway Small Security Door
Petway Small Pet Door for Security Door



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