A cat flap means no more sleepless nights!

We all love our pets, including our cats,  but it can  be an inconvenience to have to get up and let them outside.  This is even more true if you have  to get up in the middle of the night and let them out – it can interrupt sleep patterns and leave us very tired the following day.  However, if you have a cat flap installed, your cats can go outside to the toilet without you having to be doorman – allowing you to enjoy a peaceful night’s sleep.

There are several other benefits to having a cat flap installed:

It means that your cats have less accidents inside that you have to clean up.

It allows the cat to go outside when you’re not home and get some exercise.

Playing outside also mentally stimulates your cat – ensuring a healthier and happier cat!

If you have any questions about cat flaps or would like to make a booking – please contact us here at Affordable Pet Doors Melbourne on 0401 288 846.


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