5 Great Reasons to get a Petway Pet Door

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5 Great Reasons to get a Petway Pet Door

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There are great reasons to get a Petway pet door

Once you’ve decided that you want a pet door, the biggest question can be – what brand do I buy?  In this article about the 5 great reasons to get a Petway Pet Door, we will look at the benefits of this brand:

1. Your Petway Pet Door is Extremely Durable

Worldwide, there is currently 10 – 15 different pet door brands on the market.  As a pet door installer, I have installed many of these brands and have noticed some very big differences.  The Petway brand is one of the sturdiest brands due to the thickness and hardness of the material used in it’s construction. The products are all manufactured from a very sturdy UV Resistant Thermoplastic. This makes it perfect for hot Australian summers.

2.  Your Pet Door is Australian Made and of Very High Quality

The Petway company is based on the Gold Coast in Queensland, and uses a local engineer to create their injection moulds. The products are then manufactured on the Gold Coast as well, ensuring not only the quality of your pet door, but also availability.

3.  Keeps your Home Secure

The Petway pet doors for Security doors feature locking snibs, except for the largest size, which features a lockout slide. 

The Petway pet doors for timber doors all feature a lockout slide. This gives you the ability to keep your pet either inside or outside,  as well as being able to lock the pet door to minimize the chance of theft.  This is particularly handy for when you are away on holidays.

4.  It features a Telescopic Frame

The Petway pet doors for timber doors feature a telescopic frame. This means that both sides of the pet door (the side for the outside and the side for the inside), feature a narrow tunnel built into the pet door. One side fits into the other side, creating the telescopic tunnel for your pet to walk through.  The advantage of this is that it makes the pet door a lot more sturdy and secure, as well as not leaving any gaps in the section of the door that your pet walks through.

5.  It has a Sturdy Clear Flap Which Allows for Greater Visibility

The Petway flap is a clear flap which allows your pet to see what’s outside before going out.  Some pets can be particularly anxious about not knowing what is outside, so this gives them that option.  The flap is made from a hard wearing thermoplastic that is very light.

In short, the Petway brand is a very well designed and manufactured product that is especially suitable for Australian summers.  For any installation or product enquiries, feel free to contact us here at Affordable Pet Doors Melbourne.

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