The benefits of aligned pet doors


Increase your security by installing an aligned pet door package.


Many people aren’t aware that it is possible to have both a pet door in their timber door and also a pet door in their

The Petway aligned pet doors installed.
The Petway aligned pet doors installed.

security door which aligns: making it possible for the pet to go through both the timber and security doors to get outside.  Affordable Pet Doors offers a range of aligned pet door packages from two different brands; giving our customers quite a few options to choose from.

If you have both a timber and security door together and only have a
pet door in one , it means that you would either  need to leave one door open permanently – giving you a lesser level of security; or you would need to constantly let your pet out – which can be annoying.  The benefit of the aligned pet doors is that it alleviates these problems.

The two brands that we offer are Petway – the less expensive of the two; Petway pet doors are made from UV-stabilised plastic and as such are tough and can survive the heat of Australian summers.

The other option is the Pig In Mud pet doors – the Pig In Mud pet door for timber doors is made from a UV-stabilised plastic that is also very sturdy, and the Pig In Mud pet door for the security door is made from aluminium alloy.

There is a small difference in price, but both brands are sturdy and last a long time.

When installing the pet doors we ensure that they are aligned correctly. This means that the flaps from either pet door can easily swing back and forth – allowing your pet perfect access to get in and out.

Alternatively, if you have both a timber and security door, and there is already only one pet door in either the timber or the security door, it means that the other door must stay open – decreasing the overall level of security.  Affordable Pet Doors can  offer a solution to this by having another pet door put in for you that will align with the original pet door.

To discuss options for aligned pet doors or just for further information on any of our products please call Sean on 0401288846 or send an enquiry.


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