Pet doors have many benefits for both the pets and owners.  Listed below are some great reasons to have a pet door installed:


Exercise.   Most pets don’t usually get enough exercise that they need.  Access to outdoors means that they can run and play, which keeps them healthy, trim and active.


Convenience for the pet owner.   The routine of having to constantly let a cat or dog in or out can be exhausting and time consuming.   A pet door means you are also no longer woken up by a pet that needs to go out.


Healthy mental stimulation.   Access to outside means that your pet’s mind is kept stimulated by the outside surrounds.


Comfort for your pet and fewer accidents.   An installed pet door means that pets won’t create a mess inside the home and/or are not uncomfortable trying to hold it in.


Helps with boredom – related behaviour.   Stressed or bored pets will often show behaviour problems like chewing on furniture, eating into cushions, or trying to get into forbidden places.


No more ruined doors.   Some dogs will leave a lot of scratch marks on doors through trying to get out.  This can ruin the appearance of the door.



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