Dogs are group animals and naturally seek guidance and approval from their master or leader – you.   This can make training them a rewarding process that will make life both easier and more pleasurable for yourself as well as your pet.

The important two keys to training your dog is repetition and rewards. Rewards can be treats, especially when starting to learn something new, but don’t forget that your praise is just as important. Positive reinforcement will make your pet associating the correct behaviour with something good that he or she wants to experience again. It is also important to be consistent, and to keep the same rules at all times.

Only practice for a few minutes at a time; your dog might become tired or frustrated if the training sessions are too long. Reward your dog with some fun play time when training is over, to help him associate the training itself with something positive.

It is good to note that dogs learn by experience and yelling at them won’t help, because they don’t know what they did wrong.

Enjoy your time spent with your dog during training!