More about our pet door installations

The four main types of pet door installations that Affordable Pet Doors Melbourne do are as follows:


Pet door installation into timber doors.

For pet door installation into timber doors the brands that we use for this is the Ideal/Pig In Mud brand  as well as the Petway brand.  After using several different brands we have found that the Ideal/Pig In Mud brand is one of the sturdiest, and is built with it’s own inner frame. Some other brands require an inner frame to be built, which sometimes may not be as strong, once installed, as a pet door that is manufactured with the frame as part of the overall pet door.

The first of the three Pig In Mud sizes that we stock is “Medium”. The Pig In Mud company labels the size of this pet door a “medium” but the size is generally suitable for smaller dogs such as a Chihuahua, Maltese Terrier or Shih Tzu.

The next size up that we stock is what the brand calls the “Extra Large” size, and is generally suitable for medium sized dogs such as a Staffie, Kelpy or a normal sized Labrador.

The largest size up that we stock is the Pig In Mud “Super Large” size and this size is recommended for very large dogs such as Rottweilers, German Shepherds or a larger Labrador that has had too many desserts!


Pet door installation into security doors.

For pet door installation into security doors we use the Petway brand and also the Ideal/Pig In Mud brand. There are two main differences with these brands. The Petway brand is made from thermo plastic and the sizing tends to be a little bit wider; while the Pig In Mud brand is made from aluminium alloy and the sizing is a little thinner – more rectangular than the Petway brand. Because the Pig In Mud brand is made from aluminium alloy the pricing on this is a little bit more expensive. However, we have found that both brands are very sturdy and able to withstand the heat of the Australian summers. Both brands have a range of sizes for all different dogs (and cats!).


Pet doors that align into both timber and security doors.

Having pet doors that align through both your timber and security doors is a great option that many people choose. This is allows you to have both doors closed during winter, while your pet still has access to outside. During summer, you can of course open the timber door and your pet can just pass through pet door installed in the security door. The two brands that we use are the Petway and Pig In Mud brands, and they come in a variety of different sizes.


Cat doors installed into timber doors.

We also install cat doors into timber doors. The main difference between a “cat door” and a general “pet door” is that the pet doors all have a lock out slide, whereas a cat door has a 4 way locking lever at the bottom instead. The lever allows the following locks: Door Open, Door Locked, In Only, Out Only. The brand that we stock – Pig In Mud- comes in two sizes – Regular or Large. If you have both cats and dogs, we recommend getting a general pet door, as cats can use these aswell.




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