Even though cats are very independent animals, it is possible to persuade them to adopt good habits. The trick is to work with their natural instincts instead of against them. Some people use a clicker to reinforce correct behaviour.

Like humans, cats are also  individuals with complex personalities, and what works on one cat might not necessarily  work on another. It is best to be attentive and adaptable, and use common sense. If a training method isn’t working or causing you or your cat frustration, it could be best to try a different approach.  It’s easier to train a kitten than a grown cat, but they’re clever and able to learn. Though, they might not want to.

Generally , fear-based or punishment-based training will not work. Neither will making your kitty “work” for his food, playtime, or your love. It is advisable to use rewards instead; this will give your cat an incentive to do the right thing. Be consistent with the rewards, at least until the desired behaviour has become a habit. Rewards doesn’t have to be treats; depending on your kitty’s taste it can be tossing its favourite toy over the floor, catnip, a hug, or praise. Cats like to be praised, especially when it comes from their favourite human!